LED Plant Grow Flood Light with COB 380-840nm 30W

LED Plant Grow Flood Light with COB 380-840nm 30W

* Brand new and absolute. *Applicable to all kinds of flowers and plants: such as tomatoes, peppers, eggplants, roses, etc. *Various vegetables: used in herbs and leafy vegetables, lettuce, cabbage, etc. * Also suitable for indoor garden or indoor potted landscape. *Use: used in greenhouse, growth box, growth tent, hydroponic system equipment.
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We are in a relatively high position in the industry, and we maintain close cooperation with foreign suppliers to provide led high bay, 3 years warranty led flood light, led downlights for bathrooms, our products are exported to many countries and regions. For us, acting in an economic, social, environmental and ethical manner with responsibility is crucial because it is the only way to win the trust of employees, business partners and society. The company has reached the standard of fast delivery and high quality with many years of production experience, and can provide customers with professional services, fully understand and implement customers' quality requirements, also responsible for product quality. We promote the company's cultural development through the self-development and achievements of all our employees on a global scale. In order to ensure the quality of products, our company has introduced advanced equipment, established a complete quality management system, and strictly implemented quality management, so our company's products have gained a good reputation in the industry.


Efficient LED combination: The LED lamp has a growth lamp composed of 240 highly-efficient LEDs (40 red, 40 blue, and 160 Led lamps). It can meet the conditions for plant growth without sunlight. 1-LED lamp (5000-6000K): suitable for rooting and germination of all plants. 2--RED (660nm) + BLUE (460nm) spectrum: used for flowering and fruits.


Our company relies on strong R&D capital and technological innovation advantages, actively adapts to the development trend of the LED Plant Grow Flood Light with COB 380-840nm 30W industry, and strives to maintain a strong competitive advantage for the company's products. The competition of modern enterprises continues to intensify, and new technologies and new products are being introduced. Based on the implementation of total quality management, our company has a superb R&D team, sophisticated production equipment, advanced manufacturing technology, and strict material selection standards.
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