blob.png1.AC Power source and Digital Power Meter
Full operation tests under varying voltages
Excess voltage test(multiplites voltage input by 1.6)
Dimmable test:3 times cyclic adjusting

blob.png2. Integrating sphere
Electrical performance test: forward voltage,reverse leakage current,power,power factor,etc.
Photometric parameter test:luminous flux,luminous efficiency,radiaition flux,etc.
Color parameter test:CRI(color rendering index),SDCM.

blob.png3.IES test
Photometric parameter test:Light distribution,luminous efficiency,luminous flux,light   beam angle,Glare rating,equiluminous curve,isocandela curve,etc.
Electrical performance test: voltage,current,power,power factor,etc.

blob.png4. Illuminometer
Light intensity test
Uniformity coefficient test

blob.png5.Aging testing rack
24 Hrs for aging light source
24 Hrs for aging test on IC,capacitor and resistor
24 Hrs for aging leakage
24 Hrs for impact test

blob.png6.Hi-pot tester
100% resist voltage test according to CE&SAA standard

blob.png7. Vibration instrumentation
100% vibratility test make sure the fastness of the assembling

blob.png8.Drop test
All-round drop tets for LED tube and packaging,ensures transportation safely, and save customers' stock cost