Sensor Outdoor Led Flood Light 50W

COMPLETELY ADJUSTABLE - The Newlamp Flood Light features an adjustable mounting handle and an adjustable motion detector that allows you to customize sensitivity, time and lux! SUPER BRIGHT - Bring your outdoor space the best lighting available with this LED Outdoor Flood Light. Make this your go-to solution commercial or residential flood light! 45,000 HOUR LIFETIME - Lifetime of more than 45,000+ hours and backed by a trusted warranty. Newlamp Motion Sensor Flood Light is ideal for overnight security, entrance, and overhead door lighting applications.
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Product Details


Rotatable Mounting Bracket

Gives you more flexibility when setting your flood light. Once secured on a wall or pole, position the fixture so you get the desired direction of the light beam.


PIR Sensor Settings

On the back of the sensor, you will find three knobs that will help you set the operation of the light fixture. You can adjust the ON/OFF time, the sensibility of the sensor, and the brightness of the light.


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