20w Sensor Outdoor Led Flood Light

Energy saving floodlight models but only 20 W 80 W halogen lamp of high brightness is equal to 80% energy saving. Auto-lighting automatically lights up any movements within 12 M / 40 feet to give you bright light where you need it. The illumination is automatically turned off after about 30 seconds.
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Product Details

SENS----Adjust the detection distance (0-10 meters). When you turn up to the maximum position, the detection distance will be up to 10 meters. To the minimum position, the detection distance will be about 1 meter.

TIME----Adjust the illumination time for a single detection. (6-480 seconds). When you turn up the knob to the maximum position, the lamp will stay on the longest lighting time(480s).To minimum position, stay on the shortest time(6s).

LUX----Adjust the working mode. Turn up to "SUN", the lamp will work for 24 hours. To the "MOON", the lamp only works at night.

Infrared Detection----Built-in infrared accessories to detect body movement.

Body Motion Sensor----When the body is within the detection range,the light will be lit up.

Detection Range----The detection angle of the motion sensor is 120 degree. The detection distance is 0-12 meters.



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