Outdoor Lighting LED Flood Light AC220-240V

LED floodlight is a uniformly illuminated point light source in all directions, its irradiation range can be adjusted, illustrating the performance of a regular octahedron in the scene. Floodlights are one of the most widely used sources in renderings, and standard floodlights are used to illuminate the entire scene. Multiple floodlights can be applied in the scene
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Product Details


  1. Motion Sensor available

  2. 3*1.0mm Rubber Wire

  3. Narrow Beam Angle 70°

  4. Nominal Wattage:150W

  5. Power Factor(PF) >0.9

  6. Luminous Flux:16500LM

  7. CRI: Ra>80

  8. IP Rating: IP66, it can be used outdoor

  9. Lifetime: 62000 hours L70.@25°

10.Heat Radiator: Die-casting Aluminum



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