We Pride Ourselves On Supplying The Highest Quality Driverless Liner Hight Bay Products At Competitive Prices

- Dec 12, 2018-

Perfect for more expansive indoor spaces with elevated ceilings such as school gyms, warehouses or storage units, high bay lights provide a long-lasting, consistent and evenly distributed light, delivering a high range of visibility. The comprehensive coverage provided by Newlamp Liner high bay lights also means you can install less fixtures for the same result as you would experience with a more localised light from fluorescent globes.


When dealing with lights suspended several metres off the ground the last thing you want is to constantly have to access them to perform repairs and maintenance, especially if there are dozens of light fixtures in the one location. LED high bay lights last years longer than other lighting alternatives, meaning you can save hundreds if not thousands of dollars on maintenance fees. You won’t experience a degradation in the quality of light produced, even as the fixture ages, getting thousands of hours of reliable usage out of the one light.

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