To enhance the cohesiveness of the Newlamp Lighting team, we conduct outdoor activities.

- Jan 08, 2019-

  In order to strengthen the company's cultural construction, enhance cohesiveness, enhance the emotional contact of factory employees, and enhance the employees' spiritual culture, under the care of the company's leaders, in the busy work, our Newlamp Lighting Team will be organized from January 4th to 5th, 2018. The outdoor outdoor group activities of employees were carried out. The location of the trip was the Beach Scenic Area in Shenzhen, China

At the same time, the Engineer also shared with us about new model induction floodlight products in 2019. When people come, they will open, When people leave, they will off,  and the cost will be reduced quickly and easily. Suitable for large yards, corridors and aisles for each household.

Everyone travels the Beach by the sea and enjoys the food, laughs and laughs, sees the beautiful scenery and stops to take photos, leaving a mark of youth in the depths of nature.