The LED Tunnel light used outdoors is very similar to the LED floodlight

- Feb 27, 2019-

The LED Tunnel light used outdoors is very similar to the LED floodlight, except for the size and use of the illumination angle. We all know that LED floodlights with low illumination angles are suitable for high pole lighting,  when the basketball court pole is high. The LED floodlight has a larger illumination angle of 90°~150°, and is generally installed at a distance of less than 10 meters from the ground. The Nelamp lamp solves the problem of size and angle. At the same time, it can do 80*30°, and 45~90°

Outdoor basketball court with LED floodlights at a large angle or a small angle? A friend who has used a telescopic zoom flashlight has similar experience. When the flashlight of the flashlight is extended, the flashlight can be illuminated for several tens of meters, and it is very clear! However, the beam is relatively narrow, and the illuminated area is relatively small; when the flashlight of the handle is shortened, the speed of light becomes larger, but only the environment of a few meters in front of the eye can be clearly seen. The former is similar to the small angle of the LED, the latter is similar to the large angle of the LED, and the "flashlight is still the flashlight", so the LED floodlight is very similar to the LED floodlight. Newlamp's LED floodlights only change the outer lens, LED floodlights become LED floodlights, and other manufacturers' LED floodlights and LED floodlights are the same.

As for the basketball court, whether to use LED floodlights or Tunnel light depends on the actual situation, such as the height of the pole and the distance between the poles.