Shenzhen Newlamp New Product Launch Linear high bay .similar like Linear light hence the name Features

- Feb 28, 2019-


■ Casting with high thermal conductivity aluminum alloy material, unique shape structure design, reducing light decay and prolonging the life of light source.

■ Low energy consumption, high efficiency IC drive, energy saving 60%; overcurrent, overvoltage, lightning, high temperature protection to fully guarantee product life and stability.

■ Rugged and long-lasting, up to 50,000 hours; no need to change lamps frequently, no routine maintenance required.

■ Green and environmentally friendly, the light source is free of ultraviolet light, infrared radiation, and no mercury pollution.

■ Beautiful appearance without dust, protection class IP67.

■ Fast response, no stroboscopic;  operating voltage range :A220V/AC110V.

■ Optional installation: wire rope lifting, multi-angle projection.

Typical application
■  This product is mainly used for large-scale factories, stadiums, tunnels and other energy-saving lighting that requires lighting.

20190228141233Linear high bay